The doctrine of Change

Who here hasn’t heard of Newton’s law of Inertia? Now like most people who study physics to get into a good engineering or medical college, eating up formulas and theories without ever really understanding any of the jargon, I too never understood how it was significant in real life. But 5-6 years down the line when out of boredom you sit in your rather dark room in front your laptop, pondering about life and its meaning, suddenly like a flash of lightening it dawns on you. Inertia or resistance to change is something that guides our whole life! As humans we are programmed, maybe it is evolution or maybe just the lazy weather of Bengaluru, to always resist change in every aspect of life.

How many times have you thought, “oh! I hate my job”, “I hate my life”, “I hate my body” bla bla bla. Well if you really reflect on it your intellect will tell you there are only two ways of dealing with any situation. One is that you act on changing it. So if you hate your job, quit. If you want a healthier body, work for it. If you want to fly a plane, get a flight license. The second way is to know that it is beyond your control. So what remains is to accept it with complete understanding and maturity.

That is it.

Act or Accept.

It is that simple. Then why are people still yammering? Why do they still go on doing the same things over and over in their life hoping ceaselessly that something would change?


I think it is because we are all, deep down, afraid of one fundamental thing…Change. We get so comfortable and familiar with what we are or have, whether good or bad, that we just don’t want to take any steps to change it.

Change is scary. It is dubious. Its mysterious. We don’t know where it will lead us.  And this kills us from inside. The feeling of “not knowing” sends a chill down our spine. The fear of unknown is the greatest fear of them all. So we cling on dearly to that which is already known, not letting go, and hoping that someday everything will work out the way we envisioned. But here is the thing. The very essence of creation is change.

change 2

The enormous planets all moving on their trajectory in synchronous harmony is change. The seed germinating into a plant then to a mighty tree is change. The water turning into the nourishing life giving rain is change. Every thought in our head is a change. Every breath in our lungs is change.  Change is the only reality. It is the only permanent thing. Being afraid of change is like being afraid of the entire universe.

change 3

I know it is difficult to jump into the dark hole without seeing the safety net first. But sometimes, actually most of the times, you just have to jump and trust that someone will catch you. Sometimes, you just have to follow the calling in your heart and know that it will not lead you astray. Sometimes you have just to pacify the voices in your head by telling them that the triumph of winning is far greater than the fear of losing.

As a fellow traveler once told me, Life is about making choices. You just have to make the right one.


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  1. I think it’s more about the fear of losing one’s perception of a secure life. We want swim to the corners of the ocean, but are not willing to tear off that security net, although we can!


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