Twist of fate

Today after a troublesome two days of writer’s block, I finally gave up. I went out for a walk hoping the fuzzy mind of mine would untangle and something tangible would pop out of its concrete basement. While I was on my second lap around the park crowded by a swarm of over enthusiastic weight watchers, I spot a small girl whose mother worked at a nearby construction site as a daily wage labor. Being the nosy girl that I am, I uncouthly poked my nose into her life.

This little girl and her family had been, just a few days ago, uprooted from their makeshift illegal houses on the construction site. If you thought the temporary concrete and asbestos houses were a luxury, wait till you see the new real estate they had procured. They were staying under a parked truck on the road.  An old mattress, discarded even by the bed bugs lay underneath the frame of the vehicle. To one corner was a small bundle of clothes which seemed to be the only family heirloom. Two utensils sat on a small do-it-yourself stove made of three little bricks, violently gurgling away at the lack of ingredients for them to cook. The little girl’s mother smiles at me as I walk past her, gently caressing her swollen tummy. She is eight months pregnant.

Have you ever thought how lucky we are in this world to be in the state we are right now? To have a family no matter how annoying you might find them, which stands by you? To have access to education and the privilege to worry about hating your jobs? To have a bed to sleep in? To have the pleasure of looking at ourselves in a quaint dressing room at a mall and asking if the pair of jeans makes you look fat? We have always had these… like the air that we breathe. We are used to it.

These Little things we take for granted are actually exponential, a humongous gift. We are most certainly reaping some serious good karma from our past.

The simple gift of being able to tell this story to you, sitting at my laptop sipping a hot cup of delicious coffee, in my comfortable room is an oddity to be grateful for.

At least a zillion conditions have to be in perfect alignment for you to be reading this article right now.  Just think for a moment. One flaw in the timing and you could have been running around with a gun in your hand stuck in mindless war for oil. One wrong selection of the country and you could have been shot in the head for learning to read. One single slip and you could be living under a old rusty tin roof scavenging across the city to meet your next meal.


This comfortable life equivalent to winning the biggest jackpot there is. To not use it is to find your soul’s true calling like having a magical wand and using it to scratch your back. No offense to Harry Potter fans out there.

We are truly blessed. All we need to do is start counting these blessings. All we need to do is take notice of what we have as opposed to what we need.

Every day you wake up is a blessing to make your life a little bit better.


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  1. This is beautifully written and have a deep philosophical nuance. Gratitude is what we need to align ourselves with the eternal mind but that’s what we miss most often.
    I would like to keep your quote in my memory: The single greatest thing that you can do to change your life today would be to start being grateful for what you have right now.



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